Sole flower bloomed on a rough terrain

Tender blossoms protected the delicate bairn

Soon it was time to sprinkle the fragrance

Bees surrounding the sweet nectar in indulgence

Sole flower blossoms with candied honey

Approaches a baleful hand strong and brawny

Sole flower feels confined and grey

Shortly it’s going to be plucked away

Taps the predator the sharp thorns in a twitch

Retreats the foe instantly with pain and anguish

Sole flower finds solace for a day

The barb self kept the enemy at bay



Photo by Chris Chan on Unsplash

Is it a delusion or an unexceptional fixation

like inviting the chasing dragon

You know its momentary, you know it’s incessant

Much like the oscillating tides

On the stairs of my unfounded presumption

Awaiting the moment of ecstasy

Oh was I mistaken…

Attainment became the epilogue of my fleeting happiness



Nazia Akhtar

Born in Hunza and moved to New York for education and then Toronto for work. NYU 2018