Just Another article ? Yes, but more detailed about the struggle of the journey. Starters will relate.

Phase 0: Beginning of 2019:

This is January of 2019 and I have heard that you don’t need a computer science degree to pursue a career in Programming. I know few people in real life who had done this sort of thing before. Also some of the YouTube- programmers have cashed upon this claim. The 2019 stack overflow developer survey was a huge booster which says that around 20% of the respondents either didn’t go to college or don’t have a computer science…

If you are born between the early 80s to mid 90s, you are a Millennial. You have seen the world transition from tape recorders and VCRs to Pentium series computers to the rise of the Internet and later on the boom of social media with the introduction of smart phones. Most of the Millennials are already in their 30s or nearly reaching their 30s and things could not be more different for them than the last generation. …

The ability to write a good personal statement, or mission statement as some call it, is a very important skill. Many students and professionals struggle with writing an effective personal statement. Due to this reason they miss out on various scholarships and growth opportunities. I have gathered some useful tips on how to build a well-crafted personal statement.

Nail in the Coffin

A personal statement is a piece of writing which summarizes you. It should be a reflection of your background, education, extra-curricular activities, life events and/or experiences that make you a unique applicant. If you are applying for a specialized university program or…

If you are a beginner to the Data Science world and you are interested in learning how to use R programming to solve data science problems, this article provides a list of the must-know R libraries which will help you get started. R is one of the most popular programming languages used in Data Science along with Python, Java and Scala. First I would recommend installing RStudio, the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for R programming. You will get all the required features in RStudio such as a console, code editor, debugger and tools for plotting datasets and viewing history.

If you…

Most of us are familiar with tales of witch trials in colonial America and early modern Europe around 1450 to 1750. Dozens of witches were burnt alive and hanged to death in Salem, Massachusetts and around Europe. The witch-trials happened because the young women were believed to be possessed by the devil and were accused of practicing witch-craft. Although this was centuries ago but to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in the northern mountains of Pakistan, the presence of “witches” is very much a contemporary concept.

Photo by Charlie Harutaka on Unsplash

The folklore of the people of this mountainous region revolves around witches, shamans, demons, and…

Canada is the 10th largest economy by nominal GDP and one of the favorite destinations for young immigrants from around the world. The absolute point system immigration system brings in quarter of a million qualified immigrants annually to Canada. Whether you are a new immigrant or a native, job hunt in Canada is an extremely exhausting process and the competition is, without a doubt, cut-throat. I have summarized a practical 5 steps approach with useful tips to get a white-collar job in Canada.

Toronto-the financial heart of Canada

Step 1: Obtaining a Canadian phone number

If you are a new immigrant, a Canadian mobile number…

The concept of Search Engine Optimization dates back to 90’s. But what actually is search engine optimization? It is the process of enhancing the quality and quantity of internet traffic to a website from search engines. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process because search engines continuously alter their algorithms. During the early 2000s, there was one instance when a major algorithm update by google left many people scratching their heads. Google’s indexing algorithm changed and people were no more the first page for keywords.

source: https://unsplash.com/@paul_nic

So here is history in chronological order.

Early Days, 90s

Stanford University students Jerry Wang…

The Hunza Valley, in the northern part of Pakistan bordering China, is the home to the community of people who are believed to live much longer than the average life expectancy, living well over a century in some cases. The people of Hunza called the “Hunzukuch” are known to be some of the most resilient communities living in the deep valley of the Karakoram mountains. The diet and lifestyle of the people of the Hunza Valley is indeed very unique with a majority portion of the meals being plant-driven and with a focus on utilizing traditional food preservation techniques. …

Nazia Akhtar

Born in Hunza and moved to New York for education and then Toronto for work. NYU 2018

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